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The Fletcher Line

William Fletcher (1710) Yorkshire, England

1.  Richard Fletcher1 (1733) Middleton by Pickering, Yorkshire, England

     Married Catherine Gibson (1732) York, Yorkshire, England

     2. John Fletcher1 (1760) Pickering, Yorkshire, England

         Married Hannah Smith (1766) Yorkshire, England

          3. Stephen Fletcher1 (1807) Pickering, Yorkshire, England

              Married Clarine Saxton (1815) Elgin, Ontario, Canada

    4. William Dixon Fletcher1 (1841) Elgin, Ontario, Canada

        Married Jane Carrol (1851) Perth, Ontario, Canada

        5. Stephen Richard Fletcher1 (1869) Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

   Married Mary Valanta Brydges (1882) Lambton, Ontario, Canada

            6. Donald Dixon Fletcher1 (1903) Ballard, Washington, USA  

      Married Loretta Hilda Barker (1910) Adams, Umatilla, Oregon, USA

      7. William (Bill) Dixon Fletcher2 (1927) Vancouver, Clark, Washington, USA

      7. Donald Dixon Fletcher2 (1929) Vancouver, Clark, Washington, USA

Married Katholeen Hollenbeck (1936) Vancouver, Clark, Washington, USA

8. Donald Dixon Fletcher3 - California, USA  

8. John Allen Fletcher - Washington, USA

      7. Stephen Richard Fletcher2 (1931) Vancouver, Clark, Washington, USA  

          A. Married Eleanore (Margaret) Marie McKay (1931) Home Valley, Skamnia, Washington, USA

8. Stephen Richard Fletcher3 - Washington, USA .

    Married Karen Lorraine Davidson - Colorado, USA

    9. Stephen Jay Fletcher - Oregon, USA .

        Kelly Marie Huff - Washington, USA  

        10. Corrin Stephen Fletcher - Washington, USA

    9. Amanda Marie Fletcher – Oregon, USA                            

        Married Gregg Alan Scavron - New York, USA  

        10. Hayden Fletcher Scavron - Pennsylvania, USA

        10. Carter Stephen Scavron - Pennsylvania, USA

8. Susan Marie Fletcher - Washington, USA

     Married Duane Gasaway - Washington, USA

     9. Matthew Gasaway - California, USA

          B. Married LaRae June Hoss (1926) Washington, USA

8. Valanta Renee Fletcher - Washington, USA                    

     Frank Henry Melenudo Garcia - California, USA

    9. Angel Dawn Garcia - California, USA

        A. Married: George Moreno - California, USA

        10. Karisa Michelle Moreno - California, USA

        B. Butch Robert Hanson - Kansas, USA   

        10. Tiana LaRae Hanson - Kansas, USA

        10. Jessie Hanson - Kansas, USA

C. Married Kathryn Delores Runkle (1931) South Dakota, USA  

8. Lisa Ann Fletcher - Nevada, USA

     Married Gregory Lynn Roberts - Michigan, USA

     9. Gregory Michael Roberts - California, USA

     9. Trisha Rae Roberts - California, USA  

     9. Bryson Anthony Roberts – California, USA

8. Theresa Christine Fletcher (1964-1998) California, USA              

     Married Ronald Blake Roberts - Michigan, USA

     9. Heather Lee Roberts - California, USA

     9. Blake Roberts - California, USA

     9. Charles Jay Roberts - Michigan, USA

 *The Direct Line descendants are underlined   

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