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The Barker Boys

Our great-grandfather Lieutenant Elias Barker is also the great-grandfather of the notorious Barker brothers (Herman, Lloyd, Arthur, and Fred). In the early nineteen-thirties (1931-1935) the brothers along with Alvin Karpis formed the nucleus of the Barker-Karpis Gang. The Barker brothers were noted gangsters and reached the position of Public Enemy #1 on the FBI "Most Wanted List." Their father George Barker was a hard working, lead miner who never had trouble with the law. According to his son Arthur (Doc) in his admission record at Leavenworth prison, Mr. Barker "was always moderate in his discipline."

George and Arizona "Ma" Barker


The Barker Gang Arthur "Doc" Barker Freddie Barker "Ma" Barker Genealogical Chart

Doc, Arizona and Fred Barker

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