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con man / con artist

A man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.

President Trump exhibits classic signs of mental illness, including 'malignant narcissism,' shrinks say

 The time has come to say it: there is something psychologically wrong with the President.

'Malignant narcisissm':

 Donald Trump displays classic traits of mental illness, claim psychologists.

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1.  Inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.  Synonyms: self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism.

2.  Psychoanalysis. erotic gratification derived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development.

Trump’s Lies vs.

Your Brain

By Maria Konnikova - January/February 2017

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking

on Donald J. Trump

LONDON (The Borowitz Report) – The theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking angered supporters of Donald J. Trump on Monday by responding to a question about the billionaire with a baffling array of long words.

Speaking to a television interviewer in London, Hawking called Trump “a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator,” a statement that many Trump supporters believed was intentionally designed to confuse them.

Moments after Hawking made the remark, Google reported a sharp increase in searches for the terms “demagogue,” denominator,” and “Stephen Hawking.”

“For a so-called genius, this was an epic fail,” Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewadowski, said.  If Professor Hawking wants to do some damage, maybe he should try talking in English next time.”

Later in the day, Hawking attempted to clarify his remarks about the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, telling a reporter, Trump bad man.  Real bad man.”


1.  A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

2.  A demagogue, in the strict signification of the word, is a 'leader of the rabble'.

Donald Trump:  “I thought being President would be easier than my old life ...  I do miss my old life.  This -- I like to work.  But this is actually more work."

 The Wall

 The ACA

(Affordable Healthcare Act)

 Tax Reform

 The Environment

(The Environmental Protection Agency)

 Drain The Swamp!

 Big Phrma

(The Pharmaceutical Industry)


(“I would Not be a president who took vacations”)

Trump stated; “I would not be a president that takes time off.

“Trump's Twitter timeline reveals nearly a dozen tweets attacking Obama's work ethic.  He also often cited the amount of tax dollars his predecessor's golf trips and vacations allegedly cost the American people.” (US Daily News - Catlyn Hitt)

On the campaign trail Trump stated; “I will not have time to play golf.” He also stated; "I would rarely leave the White House because there's so much work to be done." Both of these statements are outright lies!

In his first 80 days in office Trump has exceeded $20 million for trips (vacations) and is on track by the end of his first year in office to pass the travel (vacation) spending for Obama’s first term (four years).  As of August (2017), Trump has spent 53 days on vacation with over 33 rounds of golf, which can be compared with Obams’s 26 days of vacation and 17 rounds of golf in his first year in office.

Sweet Indictment “Rocky Horror” Song Parody

Randy Rainbow

FACT-CHECKER, FACT CHECKER “Fiddler on The Roof”  Song Parody


Randy Rainbow

 Song Parody

” Song Parody

RUSSIA TIES: “Grease” Song Parody

Randy Rainbow

 Song Parody

” Song Parody

Alternative Facts

(dishonest, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation of the facts)

The Russia facts are hiding in plain sight

By David Ignatius -  December 14

President Trump’s recent denunciations of the Russia investigation recall the famous legal advice: “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”

Trump shouted out his defense earlier this month: “What has been shown is no collusion, no collusion!” he told reporters over the whir of his helicopter on the White House lawn. Since then, Trump’s supporters have been waging a bitter counterattack against special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, alleging bias and demanding: “Investigate the investigators.”

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Psychiatrists Sound Alarm: Trump Deteriorating By the Day. We Are All In Danger.  

By SemDem - Saturday Dec 09, 2017

It’s getting worse.  Before Trump decided to enflame the Middle East, just this past week he tweeted violent, fake, racist videos and said the Access Hollywood tape was faked.

Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee:

What we're seeing is someone mentally falling apart. This is what we mean when someone is coming unglued or unhinged. With stress, they will be less able to tell apart what is real from what is unreal, become more bizarre and, in the case of Mr. Trump, will likely become violent. He will have thoughts and reasoning that will be hard for us to follow because he is pulled more by his internal processes, what's going on in his head, be they fantasies, conspiracy theories or imaginary threats than what is going on in the real world.

This is our reality:

At no other time in U.S. history has a group of mental health professionals been so collectively concerned about a sitting president.

Trump TV

(Aka: Fox News Network)

“Watching Fox News Makes You Dumber”

A 2011 Fairleigh Dickinson Public Mind Poll finds that the Sunday morning political shows on television "do the most to help people learn about current events, while some outlets, especially Fox News, lead people to be even less informed than those who they don't watch any news at all."

“Study Confirms That Fox News

Makes You Stupid”

A survey of American voters shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources.

Trumps favorite TV show is Fox and Friends.

Trump’s Lies vs. Obama’s

How Trump Gets His Fake News

By SHANE GOLDMACHER 05/15/2017 05:11 AM EDT

The president rarely surfs the web on his own, but his staff have made a habit of slipping news stories on to his desk—including the occasional internet hoax.

“Five Myths Donald Trump

Tells About Donald Trump”

By Glenn Kessler Reporter

1) “I’m like a really smart person.”

2) “I have the world’s greatest memory.”

3) “I’m proud of my net worth, I’ve done an amazing job.”

4) “I’m self-funding my campaign.”

5). I’m probably the least racists person on earth.”



1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things:

2. having little or no regard for interests, beliefs, or attitudes other than one's own; self-centered: