“Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future do not perform their duty to the world”  - Daniel Webster


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We are currently running an inter-active genealogical tree using MySQL database tables called the "The Next Generation" or "TNG."

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The Next Generation is a powerful way to manage and display genealogy data on the Internet. It has a "Tentative Edit," which allows users to make suggestions or submit changes that become permanent upon "administrative review." New tabs and icons put more options within reach of all visitors. Timeline Events: Graph and compare the life span of an unlimited number of individuals on top of a backdrop of historical events important to our family heritage.


Fletcher - McKay

Fletcher - Barker     McKay - Smith

Fletcher - Brydges     Barker - Coffey      McKay - Jones     Smith - Berger

Fletcher - Carroll     Brydges - McDonald     Barker - Summer     Coffey - Bolin     McKay - Winters     Jones - Lott     Smith - ?     Berger - Ulrich

Family Surnames


Davidson - French

Davidson - Johnson     French - Oderfield

Davidson - Raynor     Johnson - Kirkendall      French - Dill     Oderfield - Clark

Davidson - Thompson     Raynor - Lott     Johnson - ?     Kirkendall - Garlinghouse     French - ?     Dill - White     Oderfield - ?     Clark - ?

Family Tree